Hana Highway Parking Update

Hana Highway Parking Update

Citing safety concerns and illegal parking along scenic and popular stops along the Hāna Highway, the Hawaiʻi Department of Transportation began installing “no parking” signs reflecting a $200 surcharge in addition to a $35 parking violation at several spots along the winding road into East Maui.

State officials installed 10 signs eaerlier this summer at various locations. Some of these locations identified for the increased fines are: Waikamoi Stream Bridge; Twin Falls; Bamboo Forest; Ching’s Pond; Waikani Bridge; Pua‘a Ka‘a Park; and Hanawī Bridge.

“Since the sudden return of tourism, we have been receiving complaints from local residents about problems along the Hāna Highway (Route 360),” said Josiah Nishita, Maui County Deputy Managing Director during a press briefing today. “Some tourists have been parking illegally, or stopping in the middle of the road to take photos of waterfalls or other sights on the way to Hāna.”

“The signage provides additional means for the state to follow up on additional enforcement actions,” said Nishita, noting that Maui police officers have already responded to the problem by issuing dozens of citations for parking violations, “but the signs will be extremely helpful,” he said.

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