Tales of Kapa Moe Recap & Album

Tales of Kapa Moe Recap & Album

On July 11, 2023, we were honored to join the Ritz-Carlton Maui at the unveiling of its latest offering, Tales of the Kapa Moe, a brand-new lūʻau and dinner show. Revealing elegant choreography and creativity, this beautiful performance gives a unique touch to the traditional lūʻau in the open-air ambience of the Ritz-Carlton pavilion. With at least five different poke bar options, including a mushroom version, options of chicken, fish, shrimp, beef and of course, the fully displayed pork, in addition to vegetarian options, this event is indeed a one-of-a-kind feast with stories in song and dance that showcase Maui’s rich culture and traditions.

The stories of origin is a common thread among lūʻau performances across the islands. However, The Tales of Kapa Moe bring a very intimate feel to the audience as pieces of the choreography are exhibited amongst the audience seating and even above the dining tables with gorgeous aerial arts rippling down from the ceiling. The wardrobe is both authentic and theatric, raw and tasteful, with skin, hair, muscles and curves peeking through traditional fabrics.

We are excited to see more of Maui’s Hawaiian culture so cherished and shared in the visitor industry. The full show and experience for Tales of Kapa Moe debuted July 18th, and weekly Tuesday showtimes are available for booking. Kamaaina rates are offered, and more information can be found at: https://www.ritzcarltonmauiluau.com .

Photo credits: MHLA.


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