Olakino Wellness Experience Feature

Olakino Wellness Experience Feature

This summer, we’ve spent some time at our member’s newest additions, including pavilions, shows, renovations, and pools like this one; the Olakino Wellness Experience. The Wailea Beach Resort introduced a one-of-a-kind adult poolside in 2023 “for the health and vitality of the body.” The rock-wall enclosed sanctuary holds space for only a select number of guests per day, with private services only offered withing the Olakino space. While each day offers a different wellness experience, mini massages, culinary delights, and bites sized tastings, as well as champagne and cocktails (or mocktails) are offered every day. Unique wellness experiences offered include Sound Journey, Mana Healing, Wai Chi, Mandara Spa Access.

The Sound Journey experience includes the gentle vibration healing of Tibetan bowls while Mana Healingexperience includes customized energy work of which a practitioner uses light touch, acupressure points, tuning forks or even hands off reiki transmission to restore body’s natural flow. Wai Chi is an in-the-water experience of gentle stretching, balancing and breath work similar to Tai Chi and the Mandara Spa hosts a variety of treatment rooms including steam rooms, relaxation area and locker room.

While each day has its own menu of bites, some delights we enjoyed include green juice smoothies, cocoa and coconut energy-packed breakfast balls, and fresh ahi poke. The mixologist crafted a yuzu, ginger, cayenne based cocktail with raw sugarcane for our mid-day refreshment, however, non-alcoholic drinks are offered as well.

While the umbrella shaded lounge chairs are comfortable enough to nap in (which may indeed happen), 2-person cabanas are available, and lounge chairs in the pool are first come first serve. Some other perks of our experience included the koa-wood bowls of sunscreen, magazines and books to read, live acoustics, gifted lip-balm and woven bucket hats branded “Olakino”.

With new trends arriving, the industry has been creatively merging and renovating to adapt. As we learn more on these new happenings on Maui, we will continue to share. Members may take advantage of any discounts available in the Member to Member Discount section of the website.


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