Member Feature: Young Brothers

Member Feature: Young Brothers

WAILUKU, MAUI – Last week we had a visit from, Keith Kiyotoki, Manager of Sales and Marketing, and Jennifer Lim, Communications Specialist of Young Brothers LLC and they caught us up on the company’s latest. Currently, the company is working on electrifying all the fleets including forklifts and golf carts, to reduce their ecological footprint and join in on the greener goal of sustainability. It is also looking to foster and enrich local workforce development, specifically for Mariners, Captains and related skillsets. For, like many companies in Hawaii, the workforce options seem to have slimmed in recent times, making new training options a possible solution.

On the community side, most of us are not aware of how YB extends support to many fun and heartfelt causes that benefit the community. For example, YB sponsors the shipping of Oahu mobile services to outer islands, like the OC16 mobile broadcast truck. OC16 is well known for the fun, local sports casters that win loyalty from Hawaii locals. It was YB who helped bring the mobile broadcast truck to Maui in 2013, to broadcast one Maui football game that lead to three full seasons, still running strong. The non-profit, Project Vision Hawaii is another example of mobile services that YB supports and of course, YB ships all of MHLA’s rice bags to Molokai and Lanai, in the annual Holiday Rice Gifting Event.

Being that YB is serving inter-island needs, YB is attune to the local, island-community ebb and flow, that perhaps is what differentiates them from other fleets. Lately, with food sourcing logistics changing, YB has given local, small-farmers discount incentives in hopes of maintaining the Hawaii-grown produce economy. These “help backs” (as Keith called it) show the kind of old-aloha spirit still in Young Brother’s core, and it is one of the reasons we are so pleased to call them a member of Maui Hotel and Lodging Association.

A hui hou!

Photo Caption: Jennifer Lim, Naomi Cooper and Keith Kiyotoki

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