Work for Aloha

The Maui Hotel & Lodging Association is dedicated to support and advocate for the visitor industry.  It is important that the community to understand that the visitor industry is relevant to nearly all in residents and that a healthy hospitality industry means a better quality of life for all in Maui County.


The “I Work for Aloha” campaign was created to increase public awareness of the Visitor Industry and the many benefits that the community reaps from tourism. Normal, every-day workers in the local community are featured in various ads – emphasizing the fact that nearly all jobs on Maui are tied to tourism and that we are all part of a larger ‘ohana that strives to assure that Maui remains “no ka oi” (the best) for all.


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“My mint makes mojitos ‘ono. My greens become crisp, cool salads. My mangos make children giggle with glee.”

Ambassador of Aloha

Terry Chang, Evonuk Farms

My machines build dreams. My long days help families rest easy. My steady hands help shape a community.

Ambassador of Aloha

Ikaika Chong Kee, Fong Construction

“My work is refreshing. My deliveries link an island. My truck travels miles to deliver smiles.”

Ambassador of Aloha

Eddie Dizon, Maui Soda & Ice

“My research helps protect our reef. My studies help preserve the sea around us. My message fosters wonder and respect for Hawai’i.”

Ambassador of Aloha

Jeff Hedlund, Maui Ocean Center